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Bracelet from Nephritis
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 Each stone has own specific structure and own energetic field. Namely for this Feng Shui consider the products from stone not only for beautiful ornament but investigate their influence over the human.

 The Chinese consider the Nephritis for grandparent of all minerals and call him “stone of the Gods”.

 In the antiquity has considered that he heal series of illnesses and malaises /especially for the kidneys/.

 The Nephritis is the stone of the sky and the emperors, sign of the cosmic energy and perfection, of the strength and the power. The Nephritis is considered for stone of the faithfulness, the mental purity and inside harmony.

 The bracelet from Nephritis, which we’re offering you, can be used like ornament and energetic corrector for the body and your surrounding.

 It’s considered that if you put Nephritis under your pillow you’ll dream bright and remembering dreams.

 Remember: “Lucky” hand to women is left, to men-right. Wearing finery from stone you reinforce your own energetic.

 Wash the stones under flowing water-that way you’ll pure them from the bad energies, which they’re absorb.

 The tarnish of the stone warns for sorrows. Don’t wear the stone always-you’ll worn-out yourself and him!